Services We Offer

Our Services

Medical Care for Patients of all Ages
  • GFP provides comprehensive medical health care and counseling services for patients of any age.
  • We provide a holistic approach to health care and coun seling care.
  • We also complete common lab tests in house as well. Vision and hearing screenings and EKG’s are also avail able for our patients.
Easy Pay
  • Greencastle Family Practice is happy to provide Easy Pay, the simple patient friendly payment acceptance tool designed for healthcare.
General Vaccines / Travel Vaccines
  • We offer state funded vaccines called Vaccines for Children. Children 18yrs of age and younger with Aetna Better Health or who are self pay are eligible. These vaccines are given at a flat discounted rate.
  • We carry vaccines for our pediatric patients up to our geriatric population .
  • Our office is certified to administer Yellow Fever along with other travel vaccines and supply our patients with the yellow vaccine card used for international travel – International Certificate of Vaccination of Prophylaxis approved by the The World Health Organization.
Patient Portal / Medent
  • Our patient portal allows message capabilities between Doctors and patients for any health care questions, including test results and updates.
Appointment Scheduling
  • Our patients are given the ability to schedule appointments over the phone, or they can also request appointment online utilizing our website services.
Medical Records
  • Our Medical Records department manages patient health information.
  • We obtain records, and keep a complete medical history for our patient’s.
  • We provide CD’s of medical records as requested by patient’s while protecting patient confidentiality.