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Virtual Office Visits

Greencastle Family Practice is temporarily offering virtual office visits to some of our patients. See below for more information.

Although we are doing all we can here at GFP to make our waiting room safe, we are temporarily taking advantage of technology to allow for virtual visits with a provider. These are prioritized for our high risk patients. Please call or use the portal to send us a message to find out more about this option.

Don’t have the portal but interested in setting this up? Please contact us to find out how this can make your patient experience at Greencastle Family Practice better.


1. Make sure we have an up-to-date cell phone number and carrier service AND/OR email address.

2. Before the visit please take a blood pressure, pulse (heart rate), temperature, and weight if possible. This information is helpful for us and will be logged in your chart.

3. Please have your medicines ready and write down any medication related questions or concerns that you may have.

4. Feel free to write down a list of questions of concerns for the doctor.

5. Most of these visits will be limited in time so being prepared ahead of time is of utmost importance in order to meet your health needs.

Patient Portal
  • Our patient portal allows message capabilities between doctors and patients for any health care questions, including test results and updates.
Medical Care for Patients of all Ages
  • GFP provides comprehensive medical health care and counseling services for patients of any age.
  • We provide a holistic approach to health care and counseling care.
  • We also complete common lab tests in house as well. Vision and hearing screenings and EKG’s are also available for our patients.
Easy Pay
  • Greencastle Family Practice is happy to provide Easy Pay, the simple patient friendly payment acceptance tool designed for healthcare.
General Vaccines / Travel Vaccines
  • We offer state funded vaccines called Vaccines for Children. Children 18yrs of age and younger with Highmark Whole Care insurance or who are self-pay are eligible. These vaccines are charged at a flat discounted rate.
  • We carry vaccines for our pediatric patients up to our geriatric population.
  • Our office is certified to administer travel vaccines.
Appointment Scheduling
  • Our patients are given the ability to schedule appointments over the phone, or they can also request an appointment online utilizing our Patient Portal service.
Medical Records
  • Our Medical Records department manages patient health information.
  • We obtain records and keep a complete medical history for our patients.
  • We provide CDs of medical records as requested by patients while protecting patient confidentiality.