New Medical Patients

Your First Visit


  • Patients are seen on appointment basis.
  • Schedule your appointments in advance.
  • Explain the nature of your appointment to the receptionist so that an appropriate length of time is scheduled for you.
  • If more than one family member is to be seen, multiple appointment slots will be required.
  • Be on time for appointments; three missed appointments, including late arrivals, will result in your dismissal from the practice.
  • Notify the office within 24 hours if you must cancel the appointment.

Here are forms that are to be printed and filled out completely then either mailed or brought in to our office:

NP Questionnaire

Release Of Records from GFP  (If you need records sent from our office to another office)
Release of Records TO GFP  (If you need records sent from another office to GFP)


Pretravel Questionnaire This form only needs to be completed if you are going to be traveling out of the country.

Provider Choice

We are a group practice. If you desire to see a particular provider, please schedule your routine appointments well in advance. We will make ever effort to meet your request. For illnesses or injuries it may be necessary for you to see whichever provider is available. Please feel free to write down any questions that you may have to discuss with your provider.


  • During office hours, urgent needs will be worked into our schedule.
  • Situations deemed to be true emergencies will be directed to the ER.
  • After hours call (717) 597-3151.
  • Call 911 if you believe your condition to be of a critical nature.


Payment is expected at the time of service. Our office does participate with most major insurance plans. If we have an agreement with your insurance company, we will gladly submit the claim on your behalf once your co-payment and deductible amounts have been met. Our receptionists have been instructed to make a copy of your insurance card at each visit. It is your responsibility to be informed of the details of your health insurance coverage.